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The Importance Of a Good Portfolio – IrvingDev's Blog

The Importance Of a Good Portfolio

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Your online profile reflects a very good experience in your professional area, studies and training that guarantee your training, and certificates of courses and specialized workshops. But perhaps you have not yet contemplated the inclusion of a good portfolio that evidences by itself only how you work and the practice you have in your activity.

The portfolio is a fundamental part of your “presentation card”: it would be like your “online folder” of previous works that you have done for other clients and that are a faithful sample of your experience in the area. When you come in contact with a client for the possibility of developing a certain project, it will add up a lot to offer that compilation as a reference for your work.

Why is it important to include a portfolio in your profile?


Adding examples of previous work is a concrete way to endorse your experience in the area. For the client that is carrying out a selection process, the portfolio will be a key reference before making its final decision. You can have a very solid experience in your area but the good thing is to be able to demonstrate it with concrete examples.


That of “an image is worth a thousand words” applies perfectly in this case. And when we say image, we refer to a concrete example, not merely a photo, a video or a drawing. The good thing about the portfolio is that it facilitates the reduction of theory to practice and for the client it is much more “perceptible” than trying to imagine how you design, write, translate, animate videos or whatever the case may be.

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The portfolio gives the client a much clearer idea of ​​how you work. Through the portfolio you promote and sell your work and your skills, that is why it is very important that you analyze what to add.

What is important to take into account when choosing the works to be included in the portfolio?

A basic premise: incorporate works that are representative of your level of performance (quality) and give the client a complete picture of what you have to offer (variety).

Choose with judgment the work samples to include. Surely you will have many jobs that you consider relevant, but the idea is not to recharge your profile with examples and more examples. Try to include those that are of high quality and representative of the rest, those for which you feel truly proud and that speak for themselves.

The idea of ​​the portfolio is also to offer diversity. Ideally, you should differentiate the works and include examples for each of the strong areas of your experience. This way you will be covering a wider range of possibilities, showing you in your different facets and exposing your work in different areas of action.

Consider the portfolio as a fundamental tool that speaks of yourself. It is your personal stamp: you must be able to transmit your dedication and passion for what you do. That is one of the keys that will make you differentiate yourself

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