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Points to Consider When Hiring a Web Developer

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points to consider when hiring a web developer irvingdev web design south florida

Web development plays an important role in making your business stand out compared to its competitors. It is very important to work with a web developer who is trustworthy and expert and to help you succeed online. Below are some points that you should keep in mind before hiring a web developer. Your relationship with your developer is going to be long term and will shape the future of your website.

The first two things a client asks when it comes to thinking about hiring a web developer are price and term.

It is a commonplace, because many people have the perception that “you have to have a website”, as if it were a process to fulfill in the way of your business. As a step to be taken, the cheaper and faster it is done, the better.

Obviously when someone thinks this way it is because they really do not know what value a web brings to your company. And there’s the question: a web is not a process, something that simply has to have, as if it were a municipal license or something. No, a website is a fundamental piece that must act in synergy with the rest of the structure of your business.

What do people ask when it comes to hiring a web developer?

1.- Price

If you have looked at budgets, even a little above, you will have seen the great price disparity that exists in the market today.

You should keep in mind that someone who charges little is usually because he is not professional (his income comes from another site and for him your web is nothing more than “an extra”) and / or has no experience. In any case, considering what it costs to make a web (a good web) compared to the rest of your business requirements, the price is not something that you should take too much into account since, unless you need something very very special, the final price will be low in proportion. I repeat: think in terms of value, not cost.

2.- Delivery time

This is the other great concern of any “first-time” client: How long will my website be ready? It is not a bad thing in itself: it is good to know deadlines. What is bad is wanting the “process” to be completed in a few days, a week at most, as I have come to hear.

Really? Do you really want the image of your company in front of a potential customer who visits your website for the first time is a sloppy job done in a hurry in a few days, a week at the most?

I understand that no one wants to wait several months to see the result of their website (flee from someone who gives you a term like this, is not giving you the attention you deserve!) But neither should we be anxious: a job well done can not be done with hurry


What should you really ask when hiring a web developer?

3.- Experience

Why leave your company website in the hands of someone whose only experience is to drag a couple of modules to the sidebar of your blog? Do you give so little importance to your image? (ask to think).

And, in connection with this, does it only mean that what you ask for, charge, and you will get by? Or is it someone with the capacity to propose better alternatives (which you may not know) based on years of experience?


4.- Knowledge

Look for a web developer who knows how to carry out quality work, not something that just looks beautiful.

There are already programs, and even companies that advertise on television, that make nice websites or allow yourself to do them in a few minutes. But in the back room they are real scams: heavy, slow, inefficient and full of errors in terms of usability, SEO (search engine optimization), and many aspects that are very important but not perceived by the naked eye.

Do not be dazzled by a nice slider of images or menus with amazing effects (which are a nightmare for mobile users). Do you want a nice web that is all facade, or do you want a professional and efficient web that, on the other hand, can also be pretty? Because the one is not at odds with the other


5.- Quality

Is it mobile optimized?
Already more than half of the web traffic (more than half!) Is produced from mobile devices. If your developer does not make you a web optimized for mobile you will be losing more than half of your possible clients. Almost nothing.

Is SEO-friendly?
Or, what is the same: is it optimized for search engines? If you do not like Google, people will not find you. Already gone the times in which a web developer could afford to have no idea of ​​SEO (search engine optimization, search engine optimization).

Will it support you?
Something primordial. Run away from any developer who will wash their hands once delivered the web. If you do not offer support, at least for the first few weeks, it is not the professional you are looking for.



As you can see, not everything is price and speed. What good is a cheap and quick web if you are not going to look good from a mobile or a tablet? Or if no one is going to be able to find you in Google? Or if you’re not going to be able to change even a text without having to call the developer every time (with your corresponding invoice, of course)?

Be picky about things important to your project.

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