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Characteristics Of a Great Logo

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A logo is formed by a series of shapes, typography, symbols, colors and values ​​of the company it represents. It is an element that is present in every action or communication made by the company. At all times, the logo is the most recognizable aspect of the corporate image.

The design of a logo may seem simple, but must meet a number of features to be considered a good design. At all times it must cause the same sensations in the consumer, whatever the means used to spread it: merchandising, advertising billboards, business cards, etc.

The best solution to have a well-made logo is to contact a graphic designer or advertising agency. Anyway, we explain the main characteristics with which the logo should count:

1. Simple

A simple logo makes it easy to recognize and remember. Designs too complex or too heavy, are difficult to assimilate.

The best thing to have a simple logo, among other things, is to use at most three colors, to use the elements really necessary, a readable typography and, finally, not to incorporate gradients and parallel shadows. Unless done to the exact extent, shadows and gradients do not allow the logo to appreciate well on web support.

2. Memorable

The goal of every company: to be remembered. The logo is one of the bridges to achieve this goal. Ideally, customers should have no doubts as to who owns the logo.

The best thing for the logo to be remembered is that it represents some of the services offered by the company and is aimed at the target audience.

Memorable Logo Design

3. Readable

A logo should always be creative, but you should never sacrifice legibility for it. We remember that a logo should be appreciated and recognized without a doubt. Therefore, readability is a key aspect to consider.

For example, there are many occasions in which in a brand name you want to incorporate an illustration or original element to replace a letter (among other similar cases). If it is not done with special care, that logo will not serve much.

In short, nothing to reduce the size to stamp it in a custom usb, will stop appreciating the logo. So the main purpose of having a logo is not met because it will not be recognizable.

The logo should be recognized without doubt from the 3 centimeters as little.

Readable Logo Irvingdev Web Design

4. Timeless

It must survive the passage of time. It is very good to have a logo adapted to the new trends in terms of design, but fashions are fleeting. If this is not taken into account, the logo will have to be redesigned every few years instead of one lasting a century.

A clear example is the Chanel logo, one of the longest in history in the Parisian couture sector. It is an iconic and really influential brand. The image of the two “c” was designed in 1925 and has not changed over the years, transmitting the same from the first day but always fashionable.

Simple, minimalist and monochromatic logos are the ones that are most likely to live forever.

Chanel Logo Irvingdev Web Design

5. Adaptable

In the age of infinite supports, the logo should work both on the web and print. It is best to check that it works in different versions: in negative, a single ink and grayscale.

A logo has to be designed with the intention of expanding the image of the company in all possible supports. We know that a logo is well designed when it does not lose its essence when passing it to black and white.

In short, a logo must be able to adapt to any size so that it can be stamped later on the medium that best suits: advertising posters, company gifts, web pages, etc.

logo-north fish irvingdev web design

6. Coherent

Obviously, the logo must be consistent with the values ​​of the company and the services or products it offers, as well as with the target audience to which it is directed.

It is always necessary to evaluate the elements that compose it to discard those that can be misinterpreted or do not agree with the image of the company.

7. Unique and original

The logo must be unique because your company is unique. There should be no doubt about the company that it represents. It may seem obvious, but before accepting any logo, investigate your competition and make sure it can not be confused with any of them.

The logo has to be relate to the company sector, but never must be the same as the others. Make the difference, be unique. Of course, an original logo will remain in the memory of the customer and the prospect.

Irvingdev is specialized in making a difference. We create your company branding, always taking into account the 7 characteristics just described. A coherent and caring corporate image is important and essential.

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