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The importance of having a blog on your website – IrvingDev's Blog

The importance of having a blog on your website

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Inserting a blog within our online shop or our company website is an excellent option to increase sales and page views of our business. Most people focus primarily on sales, page layout and images and forget to add content. We can say that the content on a blog is very important to increase the number of sales and to enhance online user community.
In short, having a blog is an ideal opportunity for your potential customers to enjoy high-quality content and a good experience when visiting your website. The result of that experience, will be the beginning of a lasting relationship.

But, what are the Benefits of having a Blog?

1.Increase conversions
With a blog your client can read the news of your business, find tutorials, and establish a more personal contact with the brand, so conversions increase!

2.Customers Loyalty
Having a blog is one of the best ways to keep loyal customers and encourage them to participate with comments. These conversations may address the needs and concerns of customers and improve online business.

3.Increase traffic
In addition to getting the blog be positioned on topics related to your business, its traffic will grow, so the users will go to your blog looking for updated information.

4.Get Customers confidence
Increases customer confidence since they will see you are a serious company with an Internet presence.

5.Gain Ground
The web is gaining ground and always up to date. You can also promote products and make items trend to encourage readers to buy and acquire knowledge of the subject company.

Having a blog is not easy, requires resources and time. But we should keep creating compelling content and integrate them into the routine of the company, since the benefits are visible over time.
With a good planning, the company blog can become a major online library. In this way the company will be a real source of information where readers will meet the company and its products.

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