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Sometimes when we are creating our sites we have a lot of ideas and stuff  that we would like to integrate but because of the amount of different thoughts or the mix of those thoughts, we can tend to make mistakes even bigger than our thoughts, for that reason I decided to create this list of good practices and recommendations to implement at the time of creating our websites…

1. Keep the site clean.

Try to put only the necessary on the site, sometimes less is more, look at it in this way, let’s say you are an user and you go in to a restaurant website looking for the phone number or address but the site is full of advertising, images of the place, reviews, history about the place, etc. It is not a bad idea to have all this info but having the phone number and address at bottom of the page or on a small area of the page make harder for the user to locate the info they are looking for, then finally you will have a less satisfied user just because you don’t have your phone number or info easy to locate.

2. Look the site like a User / Client.

Sometimes when we are creating our sites we are so focused on add functions and stuff that we don’t stop to think about how our users are going to see the site and who’s our public, for example lets say you public are people from 45 to 60+ years because your site is about a nurse agency don’t have sense put a lot of energy on a modern site when what your users are looking for is a site easy to use with big text y a easy to follow structure.

3. Be sure to put a Favicon on your site.

It’s very important to have a favicon in your site, sometimes the developers and clientes at the time of creating a site give for granted the importance of the favicon, it is the little icon at the left of the site title.

Could pass unseen but is really important having a favicon on our websites, because it completes our site branding instead of having a “blank page” next to our title, besides having your own icon makes easier for users to navigate the tabs on their browsers. It’s like telling them: “This is my logo, remember here we are”.

4. Be consistent with your Website Url (use www.).

Here we can be a little bit technicals (nerds) but our recommendation is to use www. on your sites and have a 301 redirect on the .htaccess in traditional english, the ideal is to have your site like www.mysite.com and if somebody enter to mysite.com redirect them to www.mysite.com with this we can be consistent for the search engines because it’s never a good idea confuse google so they don’t know if your site is with www. or without.

5. Double check for broken elements, rather simple vs advanced and broken.

It’s a good idea once in a while to verify the different links and images on our site only to be sure that the images from external sites (never use external images) or videos still working like the day #1, sometimes is better to don’t have the images or videos than have a broken image or videos.

Look at this like if you are an user, I’m sure on some point your visited a site with a broken image or video maybe an awesome website but with a broken image, it feels like a less awesome website or maybe like with less quality or care for the content, so have this in mind at the time of creating your content.

6. Make your contact info easy to locate.

We talk about this at a earlier point but we think it deserves his own point because the contact information or the info that you want to show needs to be easy to locate.

For example, if you want to receive calls from your clients or you want them visit your local, the best idea is having the phone number at the top of your website or maybe if your site have a white background you can use a black background and put the information there. This is the way you can highlight your important information.

7. Try to use less than 3 colors on the Website.

This point like all the rules have its exceptions, but no matter how tentative can be having colors for each area or for each section it’s a good idea don’t use more than 3 colors on the design, a dominant color, a accentuation color and maybe a background color depending on the site or you can end with something like this…

Our recommendation is to use colors maybe from your logo or your graphic line that way you are recording your brand colors and logo on yours clients mind, later your clients can identify you only looking at your brand colors or logo, for example if I show you a yellow stripe with a red background probably you think MC Donald’s, or the Spain flag… depending where you are from. But my point is that you think about Mc Donald’s without see the name or logo all because you can recognize their brand colors, our theory is that at the time of select a business normally the user picks something that results familiar.

8. Check if your site is easy to use on mobile devices.

Sure you hear about this a lot of time and possibly your site already have a mobile version, but I have a turn around this question…

Is your mobile site easy to use for users? It’s easy to verify this, go to your site from your cellphone and try to open the main navigation… took more than one attempt? Well, try to read the site content and try to open any link, it was easy? So think how frustrating is for your users to navigate your site on their phones, so my recommendation is to have an optimized for mobile devices website  but also be sure that it’s easy to use on the mobile devices.

9. Put links to your social networks

Remember to Put your Twitter, Facebook Instagram, etc, at your site header or footer, that way if you visitors still hungry to know more about your brand they can check your social account and have a idea about how cool is your brand, company or product.

10.Put share options on your site content

Last but not less important, be sure to have share options in your posts or pages because if your visitors get excited about something in your content what better way to have the option to share that with their friends or colleagues

We think those tips can help somebody starting a new website but also are good for somebody who already have a site to verify everything is ok, if you have any question or any other tip leave a comment.

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