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oogiebear is a booger removal tool created by mother and Registered Pharmacist, Dr. Nina Farzin, oogiebear safely and gently removes both sticky and dried boogers from a child’s nostrils.

oogiebear was developed with comfort in mind, offering two unique ends to remove boogers effectively to help children breathe easier and soothe them at a time of incredible discomfort.

oogiebear had some very specific needs for its new website, they wanted to focus their single product and increase their sales. This project gave us the opportunity to create an amazing and modern web design with a touch of tenderness.

We started off by researching the competition and analyzing oggiebear’s current site and information structure, along with their target audience and needs. The next step was sketching out some potential layouts and establishing a color palette, we chose Turquoise and Light Green, the first one because of the product color and the last one because of their logo text color. Then, it was playtime, we created all the pages mixing some greenish buttons, pastel tones backgrounds plus a good dose of modern necessities like sale and social media links.

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